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Subscribing for when someone hits 100. This is a game of transcendence and broken goshdarn radios that don't do nuth'n and doublesails that ruin your life forever.

Double Sail is "can't interact with anything" mode.

BWhPt211 here, and I put some floppy disks in a red door to turn it from 21 to 53.

What's the password for?

If you interact with the pile of dung, you get clothes.

Seconded. This music slaps. Toss it up on Bandcamp or something.

Did you hear something heavy fall in the lake?

Who needs a key that's too deep to reach? One of the fish has the ring, so focus on finding which one.

Neat concept, is functional. Seems the worst bug is that the AI is afraid to buy more than 1 XP per round, which leaves the player almost guaranteed to win end-game. Sometimes creatures refuse to move. I can't really tell the difference between classes; assassin just seems to be faster, and ranger doesn't really seem to range?

also I'm sick of waiting for the Level 13 mobile sentries to walk around the corner every time I restart the level; rotate them like 45 (or perhaps 90) degrees about the center spire, so that they're "later" on their path at the start of the level, so that when you speedrun to the window because this is your 30th time restarting the level, you're not waiting for the second turret to walk the entirety of the right corridor.

Congratulations! Harvey Spam here, congratulating you and 0.1.3 on what feels like almost a commercial-viable release!

Climbing is a bit finnicky right now. For example, Level 7 (the one with the stack of money), go to the double doors on the right (with the sealed boxes hallway immediately behind), close them, and open them outward into the main money hall. Climb the money, jump on the doors, then try to jump over the railing. It works sometimes, depending on if you're standing farther away than you'd expect. If you hadn't used "Stand on the door" as part of a Crane in an earlier level (The first one with flames, to get up to the central room's vent), I would have written it off as unintended behavior and not tried the jump, but still.

This climbing being unreliable behavior also happens around scissor lifts from time to time, but it's most replicable on those Level 7 doors.

Speaking of scissor lifts, standing on their railings does not move you along in the same way that standing on the platform itself does. Not saying it should or you should be able to stand on them at all, just that it's inconsistent.