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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Ambient Noise Generator for FlowScape

A topic by renegrin created 24 days ago Views: 54 Replies: 2
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I like the option of music with my FlowScape compositions. Yet, an ambient noise generator (ANG) that accompanies my composition would be far better and make for greater immersion.

An ANG generates natural sounds from, falling rain, a brook in the forest, or waves crashing on the shore. It allows you to choose and mix different sounds to make your own sound landscape. The following are some examples to emulate:

Rainyscope shows a picture of a tree. You can change to one out of the four seasons. In addition, you can choose canicule (i.e., a very hot day). The sound effects change depending on the option that you have chosen, for example, summer comes with rain and thunder and "canicule" with birds tweeting. In case of rain, you see animated drops running down your screen. It also features a timer that goes for one hour and you can hide the option menu.

Ambicular offers a very interesting animated background. It shows part of a forest, a little bit out of focus, augmented by animated circles and lines. Of sound options, you can choose from five, i.e., forest sounds of leaves rustling, crickets, wind, and forest birds.

There exists also a sister website called Magic Cone, which shows a different picture, but with similar animations. The sounds you can choose from are slightly different as well, i.e., forrest, two different birds, the sound of bugs, and sounds of the night.

I look forward to dialog concerning this feature request.


Have you looked at the audio in FS?

its not just a looping sound, i use half a dozen 1 minute or more per clips that gets randomly placed and mixed together

I missed that Ill take a look.