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A topic by roger64 created May 23, 2017 Views: 166
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Hi !

Hebrios is my first game, made with GameMaker Studio. As a perfect newbie I started to remake one of the exercises of the book "Game Maker Apprentice" (Koalabr8 or something like that), a top down game where gentles koalas have to run out labyrinths. I replaced koalas by an alcoholic monk, I added hazards and traps, I made myself some ugly graphics and tried nevertheless to create a real game :

I know that I should share my poor game for free, but I want to believe that I can sell at least one game !

However, if you are still reading me you surely deserve to play for free to test it ;)

Sorry for the awful english, think my spanish is far worse.

Mais je sais à peu près écrire en français, d'ailleurs je suis français.