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Top population for your lands

A topic by Aprone created May 23, 2017 Views: 416 Replies: 5
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With pirate and difficulty speeds set to fast, I thought I'd see just how many people I could fit into my super small world.  373 is where I had to stop because of real life pulling me away from the computer, but I would enjoy seeing how other people do on this.  Toward the end it did get difficult to keep pirate from chipping away at precious new land before they were destroyed, even with as many towers as I had.  I'm sure it's a balance between the number of towers, farms, and of course houses.  I also learned that if you destroy a tile, it doesn't just destroy the building on it, but it destroys the whole piece of land... I like that!

My place with population of 373

Well done on the game Robin, and I agree with everyone here when I say it has potential to be expanded into something even more fun.  If I were only able to make a single suggestion, it would be to make the game harder.  I have played a total of 5 games of Little lands (I thought it was called Super small world until I just noticed the wording on this page), and I haven't lost in any of them.  The first was a little shaky while I tried to figure out what the heck I needed to do, but everything was set on "normal" so the game wasn't overly harsh.  I played 2 games with everything on normal, then after I felt like I understood the game I changed pirates and difficulty speeds to high to give it a bit more of an edge.  I played 2 games with those settings and then my latest game was this one where I wanted to shoot for a high population.

As long as a game has settings to allow the player to ramp up the difficulty, or "personal challenges" they can set for themselves (like population thingy here), the game will continue to have replay value.  Little Lands is a bit light on both of those things, so I think a harder game experience (or a few more settings to help make it harder) would go a long way.


Turns out my brain just doesn't work properly and the difficulty multiplier was turbo-broken the whole time.

I'm rolling out an update ASAP to fix this, alongside a couple of tweaks.

Thank you very much for the input! I appreciate the idea of people wanting to share and compare their scores with the difficulty multipliers, I'd definitely love to see if I can do anything in the future to make it a bit more convenient.

I initially worried about the difficulty of the game, but I think I accidentally made it way too easy in doing so. I'm hoping to get new pirate variety, etc... To give the game more flavour and difficulty.

Keep up the good work Robin.  I saw in another post (somewhere on here) that you were a little worried about breaking the game with changes.  Believe me, I understand that fear with my own stuff, so while I can try to talk you out of having that worry, it's easier said than done.

At the moment you have some number of players in Little Land's playerbase, and the worry would be scaring away those people.  If we ignored the current players, even a massive redesign would be a neutral change because while it may no longer draw in player X, it will draw in player Y in his place.  When we look back on the current players, any major changes can simply be ignored by players who liked things better the way they used to be.  As a single player game we have that choice to enjoy the game based on any version we've previously played.

Lets pretend that a new release just came out, and after downloading it I realize I hate it.  I either still have the older version right where I left it, or I'll still have the older version in my download's folder from when I originally grabbed it.  I can tell I'm rambling, but in short We-the-players have options and are harder to scare away than you may be worrying about.  Feel free to tweak, change, experiment, and flat-out take things in new directions.  It's your game and there are going to continue to be players at every step of the way.


But if you do have any suggestions/advice for us; we'd happily listen :)

My new top population is 2456, before I decided to give up.

population of 2456


that's some dedication. i'm impressed.