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GLSL Shader Engine for Realtime and Offline Rendering · By connor bell

future plan

A topic by etowner created Jul 11, 2020 Views: 165 Replies: 3
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dope project. I wonder if you have planed to import shader from ISF shaders or shadertoy. Keep up the good work!


Partial ISF support is on the roadmap, yup!! Realized it wasn't on the Trello, so I just updated it, thanks :)

The spec just contains so much that I can't see everything being supported (transition types for example). If there's anything crucial to your needs, please lmk and i'll add it as a comment on the board.

Great! Very curius how the gem is growing! Keep up the good work!

Hey Connor! Any support for Compute Shaders planned for the future? I'm going to be using this tool regardless, just curious if it was a feature you were interested in implementing.