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Carthanc | Dread X Collection

Explore the ruins of an ancient society in this horror platformer · By Scythe Dev Team

I'm having trouble running it.

A topic by loop321 created 32 days ago Views: 55 Replies: 3
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It goes to full screen and I can't change it to windowed mode. The low setting also didn't help with my 4fps. How do I manually reduce the resolution? It's the last game I need to beat, but it runs very poorly with no room to compensate.


Hey loop321! What are your PC specs?




Let us know and we'll help you bug fix! Sorry for the inconvenience :\

Intel Core i3 2120

NVIDIA GeForce GT 710

16gb ddr3

Anything else?


Hey Loop321,

We just did some digging and unfortunately the GPU you have is insufficient to run Carthanc. It is a very graphicaly heavy game and the "Low" quality settings is as low as we can go. The Recommended GPU for Dread X is GTX 470. That GPU has an average of +350% benchmark over the 710 which is not rated for gaming. We hope this helps answer your question and we are very sorry to hear that you are unable to enjoy Carthanc.