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Nuclear War Simulator

A nuclear conflict simulation and visualisation tool · By Ivan Stepanov

Linux version?

A topic by KinneticSlammer created Jul 06, 2020 Views: 240 Replies: 7
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I know in unity you can export it as linux executibles. I know that 99% of your players aren't linux users, but I'm that 1%. 


I will look into it. Never done it before, lets see how much effort it is.

Thank you :D

Also it should probably be a 64 bit if that's possible.

Any progress on the linux port?


Not yet, sorry...

Hey no problem! Keep up the good work! It runs sort of on WINE (lets you run some windows programs on linux) and it's laggy as heck but don't feel discouraged. You are truely making a good game

So, how's progress going? I'm hyped to show this to my dad who was a Minuteman silo personnel