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Unfortunately, I can't put a number on it yet. Hopefully, this year.

Unfortunately, it can take months to get the beta key. The list of applications is really long. Please have some patience

Of course it will be released

Cool. Thanks! You can sign up for the beta if you can't wait for the final release:


I can't find either of the emails. o you remember if you bought the simulation or have donated anything?

You can apply for the beat here:
Or get the finished version later on steam:

Perfect. Enjoy!

The should be a key for you.  Are you sure you loggen in using the right account? I see your name but with a smalloy@u*** email, not Please try again with the mentioned mail address and let me know how it goes.

Hi Nate,

You should be able to see it. Please make sure you are logged in and go to the download page. There you should see a button to get the Steam Key.

Let me know if it doesn't work again

Unfortunately, no download is available at the moment. There is a closed beta which you see on YouTube.

It  will be on Steam soon (TM):

Not yet

You can't buy it yet. But maybe there will be a beta testing program soon. I will announce it here when it happens.

It's the holiday season ;) I need some time to relax. But no, the project is far from dead.

More updates to come soon. Thanks for your interest!

It is not possible to buy it at the moment. But you will be able to get it on Steam soon

Just figured it out. It looks like people who received a free key do not automatically get a steam key. I will go through the list of people and make sure they all get their steam keys. But this issue is solved now.

NWS is finally on Steam and if you have it on, you can get a Steam key to download the latest update!

Here is what you have to do:

1) go to the Download section on

2) Get the Steam key (you may need to log in with your Steam account)

3) Go to Steam, open the "Games" menu (top bar) -> "Activate a product on steam..." -> enter the key

4) Download NWS and use it!

To everyone who has been waiting to be able to get the latest update, please accept my apologies, I wish I could do it faster.

Please contact me if something doesn't work!

I am happy to announce a publishing collaboration with Slitherine Games! It will be possible to real many more people than before and to greatly improve the quality of the simulation. Interesting times are ahead!

Check out the Steam page:

And the new trailer:

We are trying to give you access to the latest build of NWS as fast as possible. Thank you all for your patience!

Thanks. The next update will probably take a while and will include big changes to how scenarios work.

Thank you very much for the tips and for your positive feedback! :)

HGVs are in the pipeline. Iskander and other missiles will probably be added soon.