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An RPG set in the 1990s about teenage girls, love, and tough decisions. · By CrossXGames

Bugged Quests As Of Version 1.6

A topic by CrossXGames created Jul 06, 2020 Views: 53
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Hello everyone, 

I finished my full playthrough of Grunge andI'm editing the episodes and getting them put up on my YouTube channel.I was able to get over 90 hearts, and I successfully got the best ending in the game. 

I identified a few quests which for sure are broken: 

  1. Charlie   
  2. Jada 
  3. Keke 
  4. Father Francis 

These are a few that I'm not sure about and I'm going to playtest a little further. 

  1. Sheng's route. I was unable to successfully get his heart, and I'm not sure if that was due to the choices I've made or if that is bugged out. 
  2. Tamara 
  3. Malik 
  4. Winston 

Tamara, Malik, and Winston's quests can only be completed if you successfully complete Sheng's. 

Note: If there is anyone still playing version 1.5, you should still be able to complete the game and get the best ending. There are no game breaking bugs in version 1.5. Version 1.6 didn't make any updates or fix any quests; it just makes the battle system easier, improved some items, and fixed a bug which prevented players from being able to equip armor. It will take you more grinding and battling up, but you can finish the game in version 1.5. 

I'm looking to finish and post version 1.7 before the end of the summer, however, I'm unsure if I'll be able to actually complete it by that time, given that I'm taking classes and working full time. But I hope that this assuages anyone's concerns that you can't get the best ending, because you can.