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Endless Bounty

Follow an orc on his mission to take care of a bounty that is proving to be quite the nuisance. · By DyneWulf


A topic by Rek Tony created Jul 05, 2020 Views: 1,266 Replies: 5
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Will you make your games available on steam?


Yes!  The steam page is in the works, so it'll be up as soon as Steam lets me to do.  (there's a wait period)  It should be within the month!

Yah! I'll wait as long as I can.

Hi, may I ask some hints about how to get the achievement "Rude"? I start a new game, collect the ring to sell Karth to unlock the oil option, then I talk to him and decline the offer, but nothing happen, I don't have a clue, please help me.


Declining to buy the oil right there isn't as rude as declining it after another certain... event ;3

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Finally solve it. Steam Community helped.

Deleted 2 years ago