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My stupid game: Tiny Robot Justice Squad

A topic by mindrelay created May 21, 2017 Views: 231 Replies: 6
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Hello folks, 

I am on the lookout for as much player feedback as I can get as I continue development of my game Tiny Robot Justice Squad, and I have released the first level for people to play. You can find it here along with a bunch more info:

It's a 2D arena-shooter inspired by Bubble Bobble, Contra, SmashTV, Robotron, and other stuff that is nothing like those games at all. You jump around and blow stuff up, fight some bosses, and maybe scare some pigeons, all with a bunch of super powers and guns and overpowered pickups and sidekicks that can trash talk your enemies.

I made a trailer of the stuff you can expect to do in this demo: 

If you think this looks like fun, please give it a spin! and if you do, I'd love to hear what you have to say about it even if you think it sucks! 


It looks awesome, you worked on this alone?

Thanks!! Yeah just me!

You did a great job, the graphics looks really nice. Is this your first game you make?

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I'd say it's my first "real" game. I've made one or two really small toys/demos before, but they were not very substantial!

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Nice, did you used Unity?

EDIT: I just played it, after I've seen the files I realized it's not made in unity. I have a small feedback for you, when I press the arrow keys to move and the jump button at the same time, it character doesn't jump, it is a bit annoying. Also I have to ask you, would you like to join my team? We are currently three colleagues working on a 2D puzzle-platformer, we could use your help.(you can find the game here:

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Ohh no it's written using libgdx, so it's all Java underneath. Thanks for the feedback! I'll look in to the thing with the key controls, it doesn't happen for me, so it may be an issue with your keyboard, it almost sounds like what used to happen with old serial port keyboards. Or maybe there's a bug I haven't found yet! Thanks for the offer, but I'm not sure I have time for anything but this game right now ;)