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A topic by BurasiBagcilar created Jul 01, 2020 Views: 261 Replies: 4
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are you planning to update the game?


Thank you for your interest, BurasiBagcilar!

I hope so. We're working on a big list of new things in our free time, but things are moving not as fast as we expected.

WIP 0.5

That's how it looks like now, but a lot of features aren't finished yet.

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It looks really good can't wait to play

 thanks for replying

by the way can you add an option to add every country as bots its really frustrating to select every single country if you want to play


Yeah, you've got a great point on bad UX in country selection screen and, actually, reworking that screen is one of the milestones we're going forward to.

OMG hope this is continuing :)