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An RPG set in the 1990s about teenage girls, love, and tough decisions. · By CrossXGames

Quests That Do Not Work As Of Version 1.6

A topic by CrossXGames created Jun 24, 2020 Views: 43
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Hello all, 

Here is a list of quests that I have determined are bugged from the video walkthrough series. Note: while you can't obtain heart tokens from some of these quests, it may still be reflected in the ending of the game that you've completed them. 

Quests You Can't Complete as of 6/24/2020 (Will be updated and changed later on): 

Charlie (he's the redheaded football player) 

Jada (she's the Goth girl who I believe has wings sticking out of her back) 

Keke (she's the girl with red locs; she's in the theater club.)