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Legend of Hand

An epic quest, inspired by point & click adventure classics, Far-East legends & beat em up games of the 80's! · By Cloak and Dagger Games

The menu disappears (RESOLVED)

A topic by pikkiomania created Jun 23, 2020 Views: 154 Replies: 3
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Hi, first i want to say that i'm really enjoying the game!

Unfortunately after I win the "cricket game" and call it a day I can't access menu or inventory no more, so I can't save the game or use objects no more. It happens right after i get the room key. I'm playing with the v2.0 release. I hope this issue can be fixed because I really want to continue the adventure!

Developer (1 edit)

So sorry about this. Are you able to email me your most recent save game file so I can take a look?  These should be located in User/Saved Games/Legend of Hand folder in Windows.  Please email to shaun.cadgames (at) and I will take a look. Thanks!

Does entering a different room in the game solve the issue by any chance?


This has now been fixed in v2.01. If you download the new version and load your most recent save, you should now be able to progress :)

Thank you! now it works fine :)