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A simple platformer but you can reflect into a mirror world. · By ridhachowdhury

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A topic by ridhachowdhury created Jun 22, 2020 Views: 46 Replies: 2
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If you guys have any general feedback about the games feel or graphics you can let me know.

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Very interesting idea, love the art style, I think it matches it really well. Reflecting feels really impactful and satisfying.

I believe this game would be a masterpiece if the player's movement was more snappy and dynamic. Now it's more like a puzzle, but the guns are more fitting for action games. You should decide what kind of feel you're going for.

I'm a guy who makes good-feeling platformer characters' for like 2 years, and I think the game would greatly benifited if it had better controls. I'm not saying it's bad at this point, but it's far from perfect.

I'd be very happy to help you if you want, the game definetly has a lot of potential. tho I use GMS2 and have very little Unity knowledge


Yeah I'm completely down to grab some of your input and knowledge! My discord is Gravity-Fizz#9744