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Code 7 - Episodes 2 & 3 Available Now

What would you do if you found yourself trapped on an eerie space station with nothing but a computer? · By Goodwolf Studio, Zein Okko

Bundle Impressions

A topic by Toma created Jun 21, 2020 Views: 353 Replies: 1
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Amazing idea. Its an adventure where you are the hacker guiding someone else with your skills. The story is well written and genuinely interesting and the interactions you do as the hacker are varied, so you always find new ways and tools to exploit. This is mainly a text based adventure, so one example that I for now leave up to your imagination is how text based stealth works. It has currently 4 episodes that expand upon the ideas of the previous games as the devs quite apparently grow with their ambitious idea. Easily one of the most atmospheric games in the bundle that you will want to check out if you enjoy unique concepts. 5/5

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