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Hi! Sorry for the silence. We were dealing with challenges of 2020 and therefore have to delay it a bit more.

You can read all about it here:

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Hi Kikinaak,

thanks for supporting a good cause and I'm glad you enjoy the game apart from those puzzles. You can quickly cycle through all commands with the TAB key. That makes selecting options/commands a lot faster than typing them in. If you don't like those time-puzzles in general, consider activating the Blind-Friendly Mode, it'll skip those parts of the game (including the hacking game). Once the game has saved, signalized by the little square icon in the bottom right corner, you can restart and continue without the VI mode. Just make sure that "all content hardcore accessibility mode" it set to off in the settings.

I'd love to add a story-mode at some point that skips those parts but we'll see if we find time to implement one.

Hope that helps!

That's weird... are you on Windows 10? Could you post a screenshot of that issue happening? And could you send me your savegame to, please? I could take a look and if I can't find the problem now, at least put your save past that part so you can continue.

Hi! Sorry you're having trouble. Are you using the accessiblity mode? Are you in the lab and trying to access the attachment of the mail on the COMTE computer?
You have to type in the numbers of the coordinates, like 01, 02, etc. and then hit enter to go there. Alternatively you can cycle through the options with tab. Does that not work for you?

Hey! Sorry you had troubles and I'm glad you could figure it out. Thank you so much for sharing how to fix the problem. We were looking for the issue for a while now. I'll share it with our other players who might still have that problem. 


Thanks for playing and donating to the bundle! We're happy that you like the game :)

Thanks for supporting the bundle and playing the glame. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Hi The Sky Dancer,

sorry for the troubles. Are you playing on Windows? If yes, which version? Can you try to hit N after pressing CTRL + V and see if the voice starts to read something.

Hello, internalservererror,
sorry that you had troubles starting the version and I'm glad that you could resolve it. A small portion of players experience issues with starting the VI version, we try to find out why. Thanks for the hint with the non-admin user. We'll look into that!

Hi guys, the accessible version is now available. I hope you'll enjoy the game and thanks for the patience!

Hello internalservererror,
wir working on the visually impaired version for episode 1. It should be available in the next weeks. Sorry for the delay



Hello, TheLastPelle!
This is very considerate of you, thank you :)
The best way to report bugs, is to use our trello board:

Just comment something on the card with the star and you can add tickets. This way you can see what is already reported, fixed and will be patched next time. Thank you all for your help!


Q3 or Q4 2018.

Episode 1 is planned for July and then another episode every 4-5 months.

Hello, everyone!

We'd like to improve the next episode and therefore want to know who our players are and what they like about Code 7. If you have played Episode 0 and would take a few minutes of your time to fill out our feedback form, you would help us a lot! Thank you!! :)


Yes, there will be five more episodes! The next one is scheduled to be released in April next year. You can preorder it on the Humble Store (Pass for all future episodes) and save 10%:

Thank you, Pyroclastic_Snow! I'm very happy you enjoyed it and we're working hard to make the next episodes even better :)


Hey toppop7 (SEVEN?! OH NO!)

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you liked it :)
I can't tell you what Code 7 is, it's highly confidential and dangerous information! You will find out over the course of the next episodes, don't worry ;)


Hello again, Okona,

I presume you're talking about the last hacking game with the large amount of security drones? That part is more or less an exception and the showdown of Episode 0. Future hacking will be definitely more skill based. There will be things you can find and do before and during hacking games to manipulate the hack, e.g. freezing security nodes or creating new passages.

Regarding lag and input errors, like in the other thread, would ask you to post your platform and specs, so we can look into this.


Hello Okona, thank you for your input and sorry for the late response.

On which platform are you playing and what are your specs? We haven't experienced input lags so far.
As for the command line, I can't say much, because Kevin has way more knowledge about coding and command lines than I do. I can only say that we have gathered A LOT of feedback from all sorts of players, which led us to the input line we currently have. We believe to have the best solution to be accessible to both coders and players who don't know anything about it. But maybe we can have a customization options for buttons like TAB in the settings.


Just saw that the post is 13 days old, so you might have played before our fix. Hopefully!

Hello MarcelineW,

thank you for your kind words and feedback. Sorry to hear you had troubles with the last mini game. Did this happen with a recent version or did you play it a while ago? We thought we have fixed this issue, but we also couldn't reproduce it. Thanks for letting us know!


Thank you, Xeo! :)

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Hello everyone!

Let's start with the most exciting news, in case you have missed it:

the brand-new version of Code 7 will be playable at gamescom in Cologne, from August 17th to 21st!

If you happen to be visiting the convention, we'd love to see you at our booth at the Indie Arena in Hall 10.1 Booth A-020 B-021 A-031. Watch the trailer here:

New features include:

  • map and navigation system
  • a whole new hacking mechanism
  • more complex puzzles, including room control mechanics
  • background information through e-mails, audio-logs, database entries and more
  • helpful in-game tools like calculator, notes, password registry and more

And we have more exciting news to share with you! It's our pleasure to announce that Jessica Carroll is the new voice of Sam and we couldn't be happier with this. She did an amazing job portraying the character!

We also finally have a keyart for our game. The artist Paul Kolvenbach has captured the atmosphere of Code 7 in this beautiful peace of art. What do you think?

Our plans are to release the new Prologue / Episode 0 in September for free, simultaneously with the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign. We went all-in to create a high-quality version of Episode 0, but in order to pay the voice actors for the following episodes we need your help.

Last but not least, Kill Screen has written a nice preview article about the game. You can read it here!

I hope you like our new trailer and we hope to see you at gamescom!

Hey there, thanks for playing and making that video!
Of course there are several ways that could have made this an extended or deeper experience, but this has been a one-week student project and also I'm not a programmer... :)