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I've got a Question and couldn't find where to leave it so here goes ...

A topic by TalesofTim created Jun 20, 2020 Views: 283 Replies: 4
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First let me say that I've enjoyed playing this with some friends. It FEELS very Viking and also malleable to different ways of playing.

Now for my question:

When choosing an artifact, you mention by spending favor you can add two successful results to any encounter. I understand that.

However, next to each artifact you say something like "+2 Cunning". Is this +2 a stat increase or is it the two successful results to an encounter using that stat?


Thanks for the question!

It's an additional +2 stat increase.   So, by virtue of merely possessing that artifact, you'll always have 2 extra dice for those challenges.


Also YO I'm so glad to hear you enjoy it!!!

So, just to clarify, it's a plus 2 stat increase AND if they pay a favor they can add two successful rolls to any encounter?