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Look at above comments. It's a problem with the "race display" and there are two ways to fix it until an update is made.

So, just to clarify, it's a plus 2 stat increase AND if they pay a favor they can add two successful rolls to any encounter?

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First let me say that I've enjoyed playing this with some friends. It FEELS very Viking and also malleable to different ways of playing.

Now for my question:

When choosing an artifact, you mention by spending favor you can add two successful results to any encounter. I understand that.

However, next to each artifact you say something like "+2 Cunning". Is this +2 a stat increase or is it the two successful results to an encounter using that stat?

Seems to be a bug. It was reported above. It happens for mixed race or Hybrid race characters.
Until it's fixed, you can fix the problem by going into your save file with notepad, finding that bred character and changing their race_display from mixed or whatever it is to a specific race.