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A Duet of Steel

A tabletop roleplaying game of long term rivalries for two players. · By Adrian Thoen

Are the Stakes, Spoils, Specials and Reprisals in Blood and Honor intended to be the standard?

A topic by AndrewWalter created Jun 20, 2020 Views: 125 Replies: 2
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In the creator's opinion, do these work for all games of A Duet of Steel, no matter what the setting? Or are you expected to come up with your own?

Alternatively, are their other playsets out there?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I'm dumb. Think I understand now that the answer is "Yes". Keeping the topic open though in case you do have other playsets!


Hi, thanks for the question!

Blood & Honor's various components tend to be either exactly the same or slightly changed from the core set, but they're both starting points. There is definitely room for other playsets (written by myself or anyone else) to stretch beyond these descriptions to fit theme or scale.

Here's a list of ideas I had for playsets but haven't yet created. The Fueding Philosophers one, in the style of Plato & Diogenes & Plato is something that I think is a really fun idea.

Pistol/Rapier Duelists.
Feuding Philosophers.
Rap Battle/Street Dance artists vying for renown.
Warring Nations squabble over border lines.
Influential families with a generations long grudge.
Criminal organizations competing for limited territory.
Mecha pilots with a shared past, in opposing forces.
Opposing spies in decades long a cold war conflict.
Giant monsters on a destructive rampage for dominance/