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Razer Nostromo forces game into controller mode

A topic by CryingSpire created Jun 15, 2020 Views: 511 Replies: 6
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I'm playing on Win 10 and usually use a razer nostromo gamepad for left hand controls (WASD/etc). However, Beacon detects the nostromo as a controller and sticks the game in controller mode, leaving me unable to use mouse controls for aim. Are there any fixes for this at the moment or do I just need to use mouse/actual keyboard for the time being?


We're looking into issues with input caused by controllers like that and will have an update in the next few weeks. For now you might need to use a normal mouse/keyboard. One player that had a Razer Orbweaver said that if they plugged it in after the game was launched it worked correctly so perhaps you could try that until we have the other fix implemented. 

I'll give that a shot, thanks!


We've released patch 2.62 which replaces the Input System entirely! Hopefully this will fix the issue you were having, let us know if you are still having trouble. You can view the patch notes here.

This issue still appears to be happening at least as recently as 2.93A.

I use a Razer Orbweaver (similar to the Nostromo). The new patch lets me use the main menu properly, which is a definite improvement, but none of the controls work when I play the game itself. That is to say, I cannot move, shoot, use the map, etc. Unplugging the Orbweaver lets me play the game normally with a regular keyboard.

Yep, still have similar issues to Timewraith's experience. I can now use the menus properly with a mouse while my nostromo is attached, but in actual gameplay the keypresses from the nostromo aren't registered. However, unplugging the nostromo does not allow me to play with keyboard/mouse, the keyboard controls remain unresponsive after unplugging the gamepad. In fact this occurs even when starting the game with the nostromo unplugged, the kayboard controls only allow me to move in tiny increments by repeatedly tapping a direction key. Possibly the extra buttons on my mouse are still appearing as some sort of controller and causing issues. Not sure what else could be interferring, I don't have any other controller prehipherals attached.