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A surreal puzzle adventure game with unique mechanics / capabilities. · By futurecat

Having issues starting the game

A topic by AutumnEverlasting created Jun 14, 2020 Views: 878 Replies: 24
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Hey there! Really excited to play this game, I'm just having trouble launching it. My computer is saying that there is files missing, but I see them right in the folder labelled as application extensions. When I go to launch the following are apparently not found: SDL2_ttf.dll, OpenAL32.dll, vcruntime140-ruby250.dll, and SDL2.dll. I can see it in the main file though. Is there something I'm not doing? I've extracted all the files too. Please help!


Can you post a screenshot of where you've extracted it?  Those should all be in the same folder as the executable.

Oh hey what do ya know, I went to go take some screenshots and suddenly it was ready to play?! The icon for the application changed to the correct light bulb and suddenly there wasn't any errors. Looks like it fixed itself. Thank you very much for replying anyway, sorry to bother you over something that wound up okay in the end.

same problem but mine didn't fix itself


Can you post a screenshot of where you've extracted it?

how do I send the screenshot...

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figured it out T_T


So when you run it, does it show an error complaining about missing DLLs?  And if so, which dlls?

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openAL32.dll, SDL2.dll, sigc-vc120-2_0.dll, x64-vcruntime140-ruby250.dll


How are you running the game?  Are you just double clicking the oneshot.exe that's there in the screenshot you posted?

no im running it as an administrator


How are you doing that, exactly?

Deleted 1 year ago
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it does the same thing for both double-clicking and running as administrator

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so what Should I do?


lmao its been a year and i came back to my computer and whaddya know it fixed itself...very strange