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This is adorable! That ending made me tear up. I love this so much!

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How dare you. How dare you make me cry in a demo. I got so attached to my lil buddy that the ending made me so upset. I'm beyond impressed by this. I really love this. This ripped my heart out and threw it on the ground. It left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. I might just have to buy the full version now.

I came in expecting some sort of puzzle game about pizza, but it turned into so much more. It's a lesson that we all should learn. I'd highly recommend this for anyone looking for a surprisingly moving story in under an hour. Great game!

Oh hey what do ya know, I went to go take some screenshots and suddenly it was ready to play?! The icon for the application changed to the correct light bulb and suddenly there wasn't any errors. Looks like it fixed itself. Thank you very much for replying anyway, sorry to bother you over something that wound up okay in the end.

Hey there! Really excited to play this game, I'm just having trouble launching it. My computer is saying that there is files missing, but I see them right in the folder labelled as application extensions. When I go to launch the following are apparently not found: SDL2_ttf.dll, OpenAL32.dll, vcruntime140-ruby250.dll, and SDL2.dll. I can see it in the main file though. Is there something I'm not doing? I've extracted all the files too. Please help!