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Shivering Hearts

Uncover a watercolour fantasy adventure. · By Mischa

My Review

A topic by GroovyMaster created Jun 13, 2020 Views: 200 Replies: 1
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Wow... that was REALLY AWESOME!! In general games without/little music I don't like, but this game seems to really make it work! The art was intricate and the story was easy to follow yet still interesting. Plus, I loved how it pulled me in and I actually felt emotion from it.


Overall, really fun demo. Definitely going in my favorite collection. 

By the way, I tried to redraw your avater/profile pic. I was curious, since I'm a beginner artist myself, how difficult your art style was to replicate in pixel art.


I think you won. (;


THAT'S INCREDIBLE HAHA, thanks so much Groovy!

Nice job on the pixel art though! Hahaha I won, eh? I'm just so very flattered for the first piece of fan-art for Shivering Hearts haha ty! The flames def makes it way more hype haha. I personally find pixel art a little difficult because of how precise you have to be with each pixel, but I really really like your attempt, and how you captured a lot of aspects about the character, even her mole haha.

But I'm super happy that you enjoyed it and that you took the time to even write a review. Yeah, I def wanted to make the parents quite hateable/punchable so I'm glad I got that reaction from you haha. And I'm real happy that the story was easy to follow :)

Oh yea, interesting you note the lack of music in the demo. I didn't realize that I made the cut-off point for the demo be before when most of the music comes in later in the story. I might tweak the demo a bit to include more music.

So awesome man, thanks for putting in the time. I def have to spend time playing your games haha.

Much love <3