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An arcade racing game of strategy and reflexes · By Royal Polygon

Multiplayer or AI?

A topic by EFHIII created Jun 13, 2020 Views: 537 Replies: 2
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I assume, like other games in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, this game doesn't come with a Steam key unless you buy the game by itself. I was a little surprised seeing that the game claimed to have online multiplayer, which is one of the main reason why I downloaded it, but it seems that's exclusive to the Steam Version, and unless I'm missing something, there's no local AI so unless I manage to have friends over to play (not likely to happen during lock-down) it seems that the only thing I can do in the game is go around the track by myself, which feels a little lonely. 

I'm pretty sure I understand the why's of it all, but having a game that's only really fun with other people and I have no way to play with other people seems a tiny bit pointless. If there is AI in the game, and I just haven't figured out how to use it, or if there's a way to play online, please correct me because the game seems like it'd be fun if only there was more than 1 car on the track.


Hi there. Yeah online multiplayer is supported by the Steam servers, and normal purchases of the game get a Steam key. But in honesty, no one is playing it online on steam so you're not missing much. And there is no AI - if a sequel is ever made, its at the top of the new feature list.

Hey, I appreciate the honest response and just wanted to chime in a bit. I am currently working myself through playing and mini-reviewing all of the Justice Bundle games, and I am not really in need of a Steam key per se. However, as I would agree that the game would benefit immensely from multiplayer and now almost a million people owning the game, would it not be feasible to grab the game and 3 friends and play a few rounds online? As it stands, most people will never bother to look at it, but if you could hop onto reddit or a forum and find a few players to play with, I could see this being a valid undertaking.

Not to mention it could give you a bit of marketing (for your future projects) if you can communicate this to the subreddits, as people love their free Steam keys and during Corona people are itching to find new small stuff to entertain themselves with online.

If you ever decide to offer a way for people to get a Steam key out of this, do let me know please. I think the shelf life of this bundle is far from over :)

(My impressions list:

Edit: Also the reason I am writing this, is because the driving mechanics are unique in a way I've never seen before and I am always seriously intrigued by original concepts, so its a bit of a shame to notice once more how smaller Indie games cannot sustain much of an online following and wanted to share my 5 cents on how that might help you.