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Server template w/ roles & permissions

A topic by Cubz created Jun 13, 2020 Views: 1,717 Replies: 9
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It took me a while to figure out how to do the permissions and stuff.

Please use this for quick-setup!
If anyone can improve upon my permissions, please reply!


hey mate, this template is invalid coul d you make a new one?


ah yes I have remade it, I deleted it cuz I didn't know anyone was using it and wanted some space lol


tell me if it works... I'm not sure myself


Thanks man, it works

hey, it isn't valid can you help because I'm going to play it tomorrow with some friends lkajsdfpoadkpfaoudh

Sounds like a cool game. Did you get that template back up?

I tried one last time

Yes, that’s great. Thanks!