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Do you get a better cut that way? Or is it not worth the effort?

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The status is still marked as in development too, just so you know. I'll check it out


Must have skipped right over this section
early access
game is in early access. with your support, we will be able to dedicate more time and money toward developing this game. what’s next? we aim to improve and extend the rules, provide more optional rules, house templates, settings, discord bots, and more!

Roughly how long is it

Just so you know the game is still marked as Status: In development instead of released

Is the file marked "final" the full release? The one with no suffix is marked as preorder for some reason.

Such a dumb walled garden

you can get it for $5 from a charity bundle if you havent bought it yet

Yeah really cool I hope people who bought the bundle dont accidentally take from it though