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The World Begins With You

An atmospheric puzzle-platformer-adventure. · By Fabian Denter

GPU Usage

A topic by Griphen116 created Jun 11, 2020 Views: 651 Replies: 2
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This game doesn't seem very graphically intensive, yet  during the entire time of my having this game running, first on my laptop with a Vega 10 GPU then on my desktop with an RTX 2080 in it, the fans were ramping like crazy and the Task Manager said the usage was 100% ALL THE TIME pictured below. Is there a runaway rendering error in this game? Bitcoin miner maybe? (joke) Graphics were set to High, fullscreen, running at 3440x1440 on a 100Hz monitor on my desktop. Hope this gamee is not going to make people's computers catch fire.

Developer (2 edits)

You are the first one to report this, but checking this on my PC, I indeed have 100% GPU usage as well on a 1080. The game runs smoothly though and my fans are not as loud as you describe. I can't check the Unity project right now as I have it archived on another external harddrive, but after doing a quick google search I assume it's a Unity issue from that older engine version I used to make this game back in 2017.  

One thing I can assure you 100% is that there are no bitcoin miners in or anywhere near this game ;)

But thanks for bringing up the issue!


Hhaha, thanks for the reply. I didn't play any more of the game than the first few screens because I was worried about the issue, but I'll be sure to give the rest of it a go. Cheers