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Wild Woods

Go on an expedition, cooperate with up to four friends and fight your way through the woods · By WildWoods, TheBuergermeister, nadjacl, _Jar, Ruhken

Astoundingly good coop.

A topic by Ampa created Jun 11, 2020 Views: 231 Replies: 1
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Love the look and feel of this demo.

Unrailed + Overcooked + a gorgeous fantasy setting with light combat = Wild Woods.

Really look forward to the project developing into a full game.


Hey Ampa,

we are glad you like our game. :-) 
And you are delivering a very short and very good description of what Wild Woods can be.
And you make us proud by praising our coop experience. Thank you very much :-)

Greetings Eric and the Wild Woods Team :-)