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Super Win the Game

A retro-core explosion of exploration and platforming action!! · By J. Kyle Pittman

unable to play past tutorial

A topic by TeoTwawki created Jun 11, 2020 Views: 555 Replies: 2
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As soon as the black and white or grayscale segment is over with and I am set on a color overhead map, the controls cease functioning. The game is just dead stopped with the music looping and the character repeating is idle animation. only the escape key reacts at all, allowing me to bring up the menu to exit the game.

Neither keyboard nor controller will do anything else.


It sounds like the control bindings might've gotten erased somehow. If you go into Options -> Controls -> Bindings -> Map View, you can view and adjust the controls for the map screen.

nope reset the bindings and still same issue.

Reinstalled as admin and now it seems to be behaving. I think theres some sort of access issue with where its saving those bindings rather than them being lost.