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An Urban Fantasy visual novel that explores romance within a dangerous paranormal community · By Steamberry Studio

Unlocking endings Sticky

A topic by tinyumbrellas created Jun 10, 2020 Views: 1,112 Replies: 6
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I just started playing this game and i'm really enjoying it! I started with Elliot's path and now doing Marc's, but no matter how many times I play through I can't unlock the last 2 items in Marc's gallery, or any of the endings except 1 & 5 for Elliott, and 1 & 4 for Marc. I feel like I've been at it for hours and no matter what I do the ending is the same! Is there a walkthrough for us folk who just want the extras complete after playing a few times the paths we want to take? <3


You can find guides to various endings at our Steam community!

Hope this helps you out!

Oh gosh thank you! I'm not playing it on Steam so I didn't know there was one :)


Totally understandable! I should probably make a thread linking over there for people so everyone knows they're over there! OwO

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Thank you!! (playing lots more via the guides now, I never want to choose 'kick the brownie' - poor little thing! T__T ) 

Just as a little game feedback I'd have loved to be able to choose romantic/platonic paths with some of the female characters too <3


Kicking the Brownie is always hard. It definitely feels really mean. LoL. I guess it means that any negative consequences the player gets from that are well deserved! >=3

Changeling will not have any additional routes or content developed unfortunately, as the game is considered complete and we're moving on to a new project!  There are a lot of great games out there that let you romance the female characters, though.

One of our favourites is Andromeda Six, which has two great female LIs - and it's free! Reanimation Scheme is still in demo form, but there's an adorable female character that will be romanceable in that one, too! Made Marion (also still in development) will have a female LI though I don't believe this character features in the current demo. Anoldor has a gorgeous female LI (and this game is also going to be free!) and My Only Sunshine has several female LIs.

We know all these developers and really, really encourage people to check out their *amazing* games - all of which can be found on <3

Thanks! For sure after learning about brownies and how easy they are to offend, let alone actually thinking to kick a living creature, well deserved endings indeed!

Call it a request for future games then and thanks for the recommendations! <3