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Silent Bill (Jam Version)

The worst looking point and click horror game you'll ever see · By Edward Atkin


A topic by Edward Atkin created Jun 09, 2020 Views: 173 Replies: 1
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Developer (1 edit)

I had my first speedrun for a game I made sent to me today!

I had a go and managed to beat the game in 29 seconds, but that's just ridiculous is currently the record holder at 27 seconds.

A few optimisations you can try; make sure your mouse is close to the left arrow when the game starts and when you're inputting codes into the tumblers, input the highest number last - you can spam clicks and as soon as the code is correct it will auto-open. No need to worry about overshooting :)

I have a channel on my Discord for Silent Bill here:

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I am clearly one of the FASTEST times of all time

To be honest, I solved everything but the padlock and just shrug my shoulders and started at 000 and began counting up until it opened it at ???... so that systematic approach may have not been the best hahahhaah