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Silent Bill (Jam Version)

The worst looking point and click horror game you'll ever see · By Edward Atkin

Walkthrough Sticky

A topic by Edward Atkin created Jun 05, 2020 Views: 739
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I've bundled a walkthrough amongst other additional information into a digital booklet including images and other nice things.

Here's a plain text walkthrough if you prefer:

Contains spoilers (obviously)

I'll give clues in increasingly spoiler-y order

Remember you can hold SPACE to show all clickable items on screen

Opening the safe

  • There's a clue written on the painting
  • You can't see it with the lights on
  • You can't turn the lights off, because the duck will kill you
  • You need to take out the duck
  • There's some useful items around you can use
  • You can get a stick of TNT from the kitchen
  • You have to get another item to get the TNT
  • Searching the living room will get you the right item
  • Find the coin in the sofa and use it with the gumball machine
  • You can light the TNT with a candle
  • The candle is on the table in the living room
  • The duck isn't stupid, it knows you're trying to blow it up with an obvious stick of TNT
  • You need to disguise it
  • There's something else in the kitchen you can disguise it with
  • Combine the lit TNT with the bread
  • Give it to the duck
  • Now you can turn the lights off and view the painting for the safe code

Getting the knife

  • Something useful is in the safe to help you with this
  • Is there some way you can get the duck to let go of the knife?
  • Maybe if it wasn't watching you
  • Use the glue on the duck's eye (the duck in the portrait, that is)
  • You can now take the knife

Leaving the building

  • The code for the padlock must be written down somewhere
  • It's hidden behind something
  • You need to use a tool to reveal it
  • There's a pool of candle wax on the table in the living room
  • Use the knife with the candle wax to reveal the code for the padlock
  • If you try and go outside, the duck outside will kill you
  • You need to 'deal' with the duck first
  • Stab it in the eye, now you can leave safely

"Secret" Ending

  • If you persistently try and feed the ducks bread or give them money, you will see a super secret game over screen