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Feedback: Share your opinion! Sticky

A topic by TeamUmbra created Jun 05, 2020 Views: 168 Replies: 2
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We would appreciate your feedback on our title! You can join our Discord or comment down in this thread, but if you're interested in giving more focused feedback regarding certain elements, we've also prepared a series of different surveys:

Character Movement: COMPLETED
Level Design:  COMPLETED

Remember! We are students and this is our first project, so feel free to give feedback even regarding the forms themselves. :)

I loveee the game!! It's really really amazing! The idea, the graphics, the sound, the playbility. Almost all is perfect. I only have a problem with the Rick voice: i only see the subtitles but i can't hear him. But i think you are working on that. I really want to see level 2 and level 3 complete but i played the 3 levels anyway. I will recommend this game to all my friends. Hope you continue doing more levels! Keep up the good work!

Hi Javier, thank you for your kind words! It was our first project as students and we are very proud of what we accomplished in those 28 days. 

The project will always stay in our memory and hearts and who knows, one day we may go back to it, but for now we have to move on! Our university changes project every year and we are now working on a full fledged game release on Steam (for free).
If you enjoy survival games such as The Long Dark and you are interested in helping us with feedback, feel free to join our new Discord. We are rewarding the players that had the time to try Levis Umbra with some customized assets in the next game. :)