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It looks awesome!! Congratulations amigo 😉 !!!

Is a hidden gem this game. It isn't scary at all.

Thanks for not let this game die. It's the best game i played. I love the mechanics and the story. It's a shame that it isn't for sale on steam, but thanks that you added here free! I hope you don't give up and in a future you continue doing games of any style because i think you're the best level designer and game designer. I like all in this game and that's not something easy to do.

Heeey this need more views!!! I really like it. Also i tried playing alone and it was fun LOL. But i will try with a friend and of course it will be better. Great work!!! I think you can add more things and sell it on steam, or maybe make it freemium, selling accessories. Also you can add diferents modes, maybe if it releases on steam you could at a mode for 4 players, it could be really fun, because you should be faster and be careful of others don't hit you and push you away. And you should also make a singleplayer mode. I prefer splitscreen mode but no all have friends to play it. I know singleplayer is more difficult because you should make the algorithm for the AI enemy.

Can't download the game. :'(

How i download the game?

Que bueno!!! En cuánto esté para agregar a la lista de deseados avisame para agregarlo! Te conviene primero conseguir gente para que lo agregué a la lista de deseados, cuánto más gente lo ponga en lista de deseados antes de que lo saques mejor posicionado va a estar para que lo vean más personas (al menos eso escuché), y te recomiendo en lo posible consigas un publisher, ellos se encargan de hacerlo llegar a un público mayor, hacerlo por tu cuenta es mucho más dificil y costoso porque tendrías que dedicarle mucho tiempo a redes sociales y campaña de marketing con ads en redes sociales. En facebook hay ciertos grupos de desarrolladores indie donde dan a conocer su proyecto y se comparten link de steam para que se agreguen a lista de deseados los que están próximos a salir de steam, recomiendo que busques por ahí pero tmb por otras redes sociales. Te deseo muchos éxitos en el camino!

Estás haciendo algún videojuego actualmente? Creo que tenes el conocimiento para hacer juegos para subir a steam.

Gracias por contestar! La verdad que muy bueno el juego!!! Felicitaciones por haber logrado todo esto solo!!! Éxitos!!

It's glad to see you 're back!!!

Fuiste alumno de Marcos Cabaña? Te inspiraste en él para el personaje? Realizaste el curso de Unreal en la UTN?

Is the game still in development? The mechanics look great, the graphics not much, to be honest, but they can be improved. I like the games you use as inspiration. Hope you continue with this project!

Está excelente!! Le agregaría más powerups, pero aun así funciona!! 

There is a moment when I run out of bullets and it doesn't reload. I don't know if it's a bug or not. Anyway outside of that, I find it very good and addictive.

Nice idea!! It's hard but it is very well designed.

Thanks!!! Here is a tip, hope it helps: You must remember what doors let you go to another "level" of three doors and you must finish all the levels remembering what doors make you pass to the next "level" until you win. You must do this before time runs out so if you lose it's neccesarily you remember what door takes you the next level to make it fast and win the game. It's a game of memory, so they aren't random levels. And another tip: sometimes there are doors that take more time to pass the next level. So you have to verify what door takes fewer time.

Interesting idea, like many say pretty hard but not impossible and i like in this way. I only found one "issue" because i found that i don't neccesarily have to write what is in the random words, i could write whatever i like and i win. I'm sure you know and it isn't a big issue but i tell you this in case you didn't realize.

Nice game!!! I lost a lot of times haha.

I like the concept, maybe I don't like the part of the cubes so much, in fact I ended up leaving level 7 since it was exhausting to start from the bottom. I was close to passing it, but it is a game for people with patience. It would be nice to have an option to do it with checkpoints mainly at level 7. The truth is that it's a shame that you don't continue developing it, apart from the cubes, I'm very interested. Are you working on any future game?

There is some way to win the game?

Looks amazing!

Excelente la cantidad de detalles que tiene!

I was able to play the game two years later with a new joystick haha and the truth is that the game is spectacular. Maybe the ending doesn't convince me so much. Are there different endings? Are you still united as a group developing other videogames? Because I would like to see your future projects.

Thanks for remake this gameee!!! It's really awesome!

Thank you! Works perfect!

Is just BEAUTIFUL!! I really like the aesthetics and the music, the sound when you crash. I hope this project doesn`t end here. You should continue, it has potential. Here i will let you some feedback:

The playability it's hard because it's hard to move, but i think that was the idea, that you must have to use the brake in order to be the best.

Also i think that if you continue with the project you should see a gameplay of speedracer for PS2 or if you have it, of course played it. It's never the same to play in compare to see a gameplay.

I think that you could use some mechanics of that game that will make your game a better experience.

I like, for example, the mechanics of being able to crash into other cars, the fact that the car jumps forward, sideways, backwards. I always thought that they should have made a speedracer game with today's graphics, and I think they go very well with the aesthetic of their game. Another improvement that occurs to me is to vary the types of camera, I feel that I am very far from the car, I would like a camera a little closer. I hope you continue the project, if so pass me the discord or channel to follow your progress, I would love to see it arrive on steam. Sorry for my English. I'm learning. Here is a video of speedracer mechanics:

I recommend to see from 3:30.

I recommend you make the video public. It says private video.

Hi! I can't join the discord server :( It says me: "Invalid invitation".

One of the best games i've ever played, i'll add to wishlist! Don't care how many time takes you to have the full game, i know it will be amazing as always.

Cool concept!

This is just amazing! Amounts of details. I really like how explode the bullets from the enemy (the numbers).

Really interesting and original! And it's cool that make a singleplayer and two players mode.

It's an excellent prototype. I found some bugs that i had to use the checkpoint, but it's a protype. They can improve it, it has a lot of potential.

I would recommend you 2 games that will help you to make this game a fullgame. The first is "the free ones", and the second is different but have some particular things it could help you make a better game mechanics it's called "Aefen fall".

I think that the trains that moves up of the player it would be nice to have something useful and not just be part of the scene because it looks better. (For this reason i recommend you the two games).

The idea of the credits it was awesome, i never seen better credits than this. I think is a nice way to motivate the players to see credits. I always look the credits but a lot of people no and with this they gonna look it. An extensive comment i know haha, sorry. The team is going to continue the developing of this game? Do you have some social media of the game to follow the updates?

I wish you the best.

Really interesting idea. I think you could do more upgrades like maybe adding some powerups. At the beginning of course it's easy to stay alive but i thinks you did this on purpose because no one wants to die instantently. Also i have to say the aesthetics works very fine. You did a really nice job! It remembers me to the film Sausage Party!