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Te recomiendo que pongas imágenes del juego. Muchos no bajamos sino podemos ver antes masomenos como es el juego. Vas a lograr mayor visibilidad del juego y mayor descargas. Es solo una recomendación. Mismo los gifs ayudan mucho. Este consejo hasta yo debería seguirlo :D.

Cool concept!

This is just amazing! Amounts of details. I really like how explode the bullets from the enemy (the numbers).

Really interesting and original! And it's cool that make a singleplayer and two players mode.

It's an excellent prototype. I found some bugs that i had to use the checkpoint, but it's a protype. They can improve it, it has a lot of potential.

I would recommend you 2 games that will help you to make this game a fullgame. The first is "the free ones", and the second is different but have some particular things it could help you make a better game mechanics it's called "Aefen fall".

I think that the trains that moves up of the player it would be nice to have something useful and not just be part of the scene because it looks better. (For this reason i recommend you the two games).

The idea of the credits it was awesome, i never seen better credits than this. I think is a nice way to motivate the players to see credits. I always look the credits but a lot of people no and with this they gonna look it. An extensive comment i know haha, sorry. The team is going to continue the developing of this game? Do you have some social media of the game to follow the updates?

I wish you the best.

Really interesting idea. I think you could do more upgrades like maybe adding some powerups. At the beginning of course it's easy to stay alive but i thinks you did this on purpose because no one wants to die instantently. Also i have to say the aesthetics works very fine. You did a really nice job! It remembers me to the film Sausage Party!

Yes, i agree, that version is better than this one, but i have the same issue, after i won the western map i get a black screen. I had to quit the game with alt+f4. Anyway i know it's a early access version. Feels good the playability.

I like the style and the music, also playabilty works well, but it would be better if i could choose in the splitscreen mode how many players join the game. Cause i don't have 4 joysticks and also is cool to play with one friend in the same computer. Also a 1 player mode it would be amazing but i know how hard is to work with AI. Are you going to continue with this project?

If someone have a joystick generic USB just look at this tutorial and he will solve your problems. Don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to his channel.

I really like your interesting ideas!

Really interesting game! I couldn't win it without seen a gameplay but the game is really cool.

The game that looks like snake game is really cool. And the other games the idea it's interesting. 


Find your way out of the building and face the fears that arose in the lockdown due to COVID-19. Also try to see how many easter eggs you found.

Great update!!

Excellent work!

Yes. You have to download the french keyboard for windows or whatever platform you are using.

I really liked all the updates, thanks for adding the checkpoint mode too. Now yes i won the game! It's nice to see a developer who listen the people. Really thanks! 

Dejó el gameplay para quién lo llegué a necesitar!

Totalmente único. Excelente!

Me encanta la calidad de tus juegos. Al principio me costo entender que hacer pero luego me fue más sencillo. Si te interesa luego subo un gameplay para el que le cueste. Igual lo ideal es pasarlo solo así que como prefieras. Estaría genial que a futuro le agregues más niveles.

I don´t know why this game no have comments. I thinks it's really interesting and i like that have two modes to play. I hope some youtuber make this viral also for the concientization idea of this game.

Cool game!! It would be nice if it was more optimized but i enjoyed the game.

Amazing visuals!! Really like the game! When i play the game the visuals looks like a game of Unreal Engine. I'm glad to see that you made this with Unity, cause i'm learning Unity. Thanks for the full gameplay, was very helpful at the beginnig.

Nice game! I like the graphics! The playability it's fine but i think you should improved the jump. It feels weird when you jump, I mean animation and programming. I think the game is interesting and could be improved further. I hope you don't abandon the project because it looks promising. Something that I don't name but of course would be missing would be a soundtrack, although the sounds they put on are quite relaxing.

Really cool game! Wish this had more levels!

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I have to confess that whenever I come in to the first thing I do is look if there is an update of anger foot because if the base game seemed excellent with each update becomes even better. Thanks for making such an awesome game!

Really enjoyed the game!! Wish it was longer or had more maps.

I played both versions and it's awesome! I hope you continue adding levels, it's really amazing!

Thanks for the help, i will try again.

Thanks for the help, anyway I could pass that part of the map, it got complicated after that. A robot appeared and I didn't know what I had to do with it. And then I went to another map but I didn't understand how to guess the code to activate a lever that was next to a dead toad on the floor. Anyway, although I find it complex, I really liked the game, I wish you a lot of success and I will look forward to its progress!

Thanks for the link, anyway the problem was google chrome, i don't know why. But I was able to download it with another browser.

Krok community · Created a new topic Nice graphics and idea

I played the game and I really liked the graphics, and the idea of the game. Only I couldn't win it because at times it was difficult for me to understand what I had to do. I hope in the future some youtuber do a walkthrough to see how it continues. It would be nice if it had an English translation so that it had a greater reach, anyway the language seems to me that it is good that you change it only if you plan to sell it in the future.

Fantastic environment. Amazing graphics! I added it to wishlist.

Einar (Beta) community · Created a new topic Amazing game

I really like the graphics! I hope that in the future they will continue with the project and make it longer.

Krok community · Created a new topic It is not downloaded.

When I press the download button nothing is downloaded. I recommend that you check it because nobody will be able to download it. offered me an alternative download but still nothing is downloaded.

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Excellent game! Love it! I hope you add more levels or a 2nd part.

Cool game!!! It would have been even better if there were two chances to kill each person, to be able to play the game back with other possibilities. But it's excellent, a very good idea.

Cool game!

The graphics and music are excellent! The gameplay is not bad but I would like to be able to walk faster, even when the possibility of running is activated, you hardly notice the difference with walking. 

In the lighthouse on the floor where is the network I was stuck, I leave an image so that they take it into account to improve. Luckily, leaving the game and re-entering it unlocks and you don't have to start from scratch.

Anyway, considering it's an indie game, it's pretty cool! And I hope they keep improving.

Thanks! :D