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Happy's Humble Burger Barn

Manage customers in this PSX themed Burger Chef Simulator! · By Scythe Dev Team

WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON!?! Happys Humble Burger Barn!! (VIDEO)

A topic by BuddyProBro created 70 days ago Views: 189 Replies: 2
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This game was amazing I didn't even come close to see the ending happening like that if this was a big game and you pitched it to a Dev it might be somthing big I would love to know more about the story of the main character and the place hes in.


BuddyProBro, thanks for checking out Happy's Humble Burger Barn! We appreciate you sharing your playthrough. If you wanna learn more about the universe, definitely check out all of our other games, as they are all tied together! There are plans of potentially fleshing out HHBB into a larger game though, so stay tuned for a direct expansion / sequel for sure.

Scythe Dev Team


:) I would enjoy to see the other games, i might just do that and record them. Thank you so much by the way for the response my dudes. I enjoyed this game alot and I can't wait to see what the story is.