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OctoRaid VR

Hunt Octopus... or Be Octopus! · By Team October

Diamond in the rough, this one.

A topic by Netriosilver created Jun 01, 2020 Views: 51 Replies: 1
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Awesome concept with acceptable-poor execution. With lots of bugs, problems, and incredibly poor balancing; Yet quite fun as a concept and great with friends. Make this a fully streamlined experience and I will pay money for it.

if they add lots of customization to the settings this game will be amazing. 

Just let us play with the match settings. let us change timers and live amounts and ban/ change abilities, that would be awesome.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for your detailed and concise review!

I totally agree with your review. As you said, this game is not enough. But I'm looking at the possibilities and trying to develop the game by getting feedback from you and others.
Anyway, thanks for the good reaction. It's a great help to us!