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Mr. Friendly

Randomly Generated Acts Of Kindness · By JP LeBreton

Hey Jp creator of Mr.friendly mod I did something to mod for yeah.

A topic by tj-killer created May 31, 2020 Views: 109 Replies: 2
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I add an new sprite for the "slime fish". Because it always bothered me that the "water fish" and the "slime fish" shared the same sprite.

I add the the blob fish for "slime fish". I thought that to add it because I thought it was funny.


Ah, that's a great little sprite! Good point about there not being a unique one for the slime fish, would you like me to include it? If so what name would you like me to credit you as?

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Go aright head man if you want to credit me use my real name Tom Smothers, But I didn't really make it I found an Image on google and made it to fit and made it look good, so you know I already coded it in my version of the mod, but not unique dialogue for the fish it was simple sprite replacement.