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Order descriptions?

A topic by Lieste created May 28, 2020 Views: 96 Replies: 1
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Steer seems to refer to points off the wind, while bearing up and coming up seem to refer to points in the wind - but what is the difference and usage of the bearing up and coming up orders, when should you use each and when are they the wrong order to give?

I'm not sure what you mean by points off or in the wind. I think it is meant to be like this:

  • in the "steer" menu, the first command sets a compass point and you steer by the compass. If you use the other commands, you start steering by the wind; if the wind changes, the helmsman will change your heading appropriately.
  • in the "[" and "]" menus, the "turn" and "hard over" commands set up continuous dumb turns; I think the helmsman may just keep a fixed rudder angle. For the other commands, the helmsman looks up his desired compass heading (which may depend on the wind), adjusts it according to the order, and after the command is activated he steers on this heading, by the compass.