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Camera Jitter - Motion Sickness

A topic by ldmoray created May 27, 2020 Views: 372 Replies: 3
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Game Version: 1.0.1

First off, I'm really digging the chill fwooshy vibe of the game. That said, something about the camera is making me feel motion sick and preventing me from getting into the flow as much as I would like. I'm calling it jittery, but that's really just a guess. I tried toying with FoV but couldn't really find a mode that helped make things better. I think some of it is motion when I'm flying meant to capture the sway of the dragon (I like how Red's butt wiggles in the air, very cute), and some of it is the camera trying to adjust when I switch from air/ground and on/off Red.

I also noticed that sometimes, especially on the racing rings and the statue of Gabryell, that the sky in the background bleeds through them and appears in the foreground. See screenshot for example:

Thanks so much for this game, and for taking the time to read this! For now, I just need to play in short stretches.

Hi!  I try to include as much accessibility as possible, and I will try to do something about motion sickness.  That said, I don't know anything about motion sickness or what can be done to reduce it yet, but I'll try researching it and see what other games do to reduce motion sickness.

What kind of motions make you sick, is it "little shakes" or big fast swings of the camera?

Also, thanks for the visual bug report, I'll add that to my list to fix!


Thank you for the quick response! I totally get that this will take time, and thanks for looking into it. I've actually never gotten motion sickness from this kind of flight game before, so my experiences definitely aren't universal here.

I fly with arcade controls off and need the locked camera to actually control my flight, which is probably a big contributer and I should have clarified in the first post.  In that mode the camera sways a lot. Also when walking while riding Red, the camera bounces a fair bit. Those too motions definitely made me feel a bit light headed. 

I also think mounting/dismounting can cause a big fast swing which is mildly disorienting. I don't think on its own this is a big issue, but compounds with the smaller motions.

I also am experiencing the same issue as @Idmoray - The small perturbations in air cause a big problem for me (lots of nausea), and the mounting and dismounting also is uncomfortable (but it doesn't happen as often so its more bearable).  The perturbations in air / turbulence I would imagine is just a visual affect that could be toggled (and even if it is physical, I think toggling would be appreciated even if it makes the game easier). For the mounting and dismount animation I would imaging you could just force the camera transition to be instantaneous if a setting is on.