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Modeler Needed!

A topic by Alaa Nasro created May 19, 2017 Views: 190 Replies: 6
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I'm using this board pretty much often to find some people to help me during this progress of making an indie game,however, I need a modeler, like I can't even design levels,and so on,I'm really stuck,only thing I'm good at is programming. Anyways, I'd like to have a modeler work with me!

Discord : AlaaNasro#2442

Email :

Note : I'm making this indie game for fun,no revenues I suppose, If there is any, Would share!

what kind of model is you are looking for?

3D modeler !!

no I mean,  vehicle, character, interior, 

no I mean,  vehicle, character, interior, 

Interior :)

Deleted post

well, maybe I can help but not a realistic interior. Not textured, only a solid