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Shivering Hearts

Uncover a watercolour fantasy adventure. · By Mischa

Quick request.

A topic by GroovyMaster created May 25, 2020 Views: 327 Replies: 9
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Hi GroovyMaster,

Thanks for the question! I'm sorry that the price-tag gave you that impression. I honestly have been struggling with putting any kind of price on the experience, and have grappled with the issue for months whether it should be free, whether it's too much. But thank you for your response. And interesting, I'll try to describe the experience more as well.

I have lowered the price to $7.50 USD and will try to make a quick free trial/demo version of the game so that people can dip their toes in without committing to a price.

As crazy as this may sound, I really am not in it for the money. I just sincerely want to put these feelings + this type of gameplay out there and see if it resonates with anyone.

Haha seriously thanks though, I'm definitely real beginner as well.

Kind regards,



Also if anyone sees this and has already paid $10 for the game and would like to be refunded the difference, let me know and I can try organise a partial refund.


I think this is a lovely concept and Mischa has clearly put a great deal of work into this project. I don't think it's unreasonable to charge $10 for this game, that's actually not that much when compared with what some other indie developers charge for their games. 


Wow. Thank you so much Naja B. I dunno why this is making me tear up. Thank you <3


Awww! I love your style, it's so different from some of the other games I've played and it really makes Shivering Hearts stand out from the rest of the games here! 


Yayy, thanks Naja. Sorry, been meaning to reply. It really does mean a lot hearing that, especially since it's been quite hard to work up the courage to show people what I've been making. Best wishes~

Deleted post

Oh, okay, starting off with the price kind of made it seem like that was the issue. But, I do see your point about the demo. 


I honestly do appreciate all of the feedback given. I've been working on this for the past... 9 months? During that time I didn't show many people. I think out of fear more than anything. But finally being able to show people and being given constructive feedback has been like, extremely helpful. More helpful than I could have imagined. So thanks again :)