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Hyper Ultra Astronautics

Intense local multiplayer space arena shooter for 1-16 players · By FRACTiLE Games

Support for aarch64 processor architecture

A topic by et118 created May 24, 2020 Views: 193 Replies: 2
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I have installed a linux emulator on my phone and i tried running this game but the game only supports x86-64 processor architecture. Is there any aarch64 version of the game? I want to host a server on my phone and not only use the apk controller.


Unfortunately no. I once had a test build for Raspberry PI 3 during my arcade cabinet project but I didn't keep that around (didn't run well enough due to GPU).

Are you sure that would even work? The game requires "desktop" OpenGL and your phone likely supports only GLES.. unless the emulator does some magic.

Ok, didn't think about the GPU. Thank you for responding anyway.