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Story-driven sci-fi fantasy shooter with procedural missions, deep weapon customization and action/adventure elements · By Ponywolf, MutatedScott

Work continues on #SKIPCHASER Update #5

A topic by Ponywolf created May 16, 2017 Views: 190
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We wrapped the #LudumDare38 game jam a couple of weeks ago and are back at SKIPCHASER Update #5. Almost half-way to the full release. Act 1 polish and the stat of Act 2 content is on the way, as well as a few new features including the Armor Workbench...

No promises on how much of this will get pulled into the next release, but we're excited to keep the ball rolling. We also getting a decent ammount of feedback on what we can be doing better, so keep the bug/feature reports coming.

If you can't wait for this next release, check out our free jam game Flat Earths for a little multiplayer action!