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Save the last heir of your tiny kingdom before the waters come crashing in. Made in 72 Hours for Ludum Dare 38 · By Occult Softworks

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A topic by Occult Softworks created May 15, 2017 Views: 118
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Developer (2 edits)

Anyone can post ideas here. I'll be adding particularly interesting ideas here. They are not guaranteed to make it into the product and are subject to being run thru our Designer for play-testing first.

Mana Engineer: Suck up 3 Random Mana from Board (Active), Can use discharged 1 Use Buildings for 2 Mana. (Passive)
Wizard: Go back to original skill of remote building activation.

Unlockable Characters that can replace party members to gain different play experiences as you progress through the game and beat it.
Easy, Medium, Hard: Different Event Cards and Event Card Frequencies for each.
Tutorial Level can be a plot point for the game, taking place on a smaller island, using the same mechanics.