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This was super interesting, I liked a lot about it. If you don't mind some feedback:

  • There should be a little more forgiveness when jumping, right now you can only jump while on the platform, but it would make timing a little easier if there were a few frames of forgiveness.
  • The segments where the Platform goes sideways could use a slightly wider collider.  I found them a little too difficult / frustrating.

I liked what you did with the panels fading in, it gave me plenty of Forewarning.

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We think we have the game working for Windows 7. Sorry for the inconvenience!

A Rebuilt version of the game is going to be done sometime in November, and released for Beta on Steam. The version that is currently posted is largely the same as the one made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare, and will be left up as a piece of the game's history.

It should be noted: All cut content has been added to the game as of the previous update!

We're currently redeveloping the base game, fixing a lot of the Jam Clunk that wormed its way into the game due to time constraints. De-tangling is taking time but we wanted to let folks know that it's in-progress.

I think the first update will be in about 2 weeks: Assuming nothing else comes up. It will hopefully include a Tutorial, and a glimpse of what is to come with the game.

Thanks for your interest! Follow us on Twitter: @OccultSoftworks and drop us a line!

ATLANTIS community · Created a new topic Ideas Folder
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Anyone can post ideas here. I'll be adding particularly interesting ideas here. They are not guaranteed to make it into the product and are subject to being run thru our Designer for play-testing first.

Mana Engineer: Suck up 3 Random Mana from Board (Active), Can use discharged 1 Use Buildings for 2 Mana. (Passive)
Wizard: Go back to original skill of remote building activation.

Unlockable Characters that can replace party members to gain different play experiences as you progress through the game and beat it.
Easy, Medium, Hard: Different Event Cards and Event Card Frequencies for each.
Tutorial Level can be a plot point for the game, taking place on a smaller island, using the same mechanics.

So we built it using the Unity Exporter for Linux/Max/Windows. Theoretically it should work for them but we don't have the ability to test it due to not having a Mac or Linux Machine. We had someone play an earlier build just fine on Linux so I assumed it was still working. I will see if I can get them to play it.

Noted on the Fullscreen button. I think there used to be one but it broke. Thanks for the suggestion!

A friend asked: "What stuff didn't make it in?". The Answer: A LOT! Our designer spent most of the jam creating a huge set of deep mechanics and testing them out in board game form; it looked a lot like this: Click Here to See my Messy House and the Game Board

Basic Mechanics:
We originally had a mechanic where the Scion could be passed between units, but we couldn't fit it into the time constraints.

Unit Mechanics:
The Mage originally could activate buildings remotely for 1 Mana, but this proved to be too difficult to implement in a way that was easy for the user to understand. He also was originally intended to suck up all mana in a Province as he walked.

"The Tide":
Originally we had a system of "Tides" which would fuel certain events and smash up the map from a specific direction. This ran into huge time constraints and was left out.

A LOT of buildings were nixed due to the time constraints, they are as follows:

"Swapper": This would swap the locations of Two other Buildings.
"Fault": This was a "Bad" Building that was the focus of a huge number of events. It has a really kickin' animation cycle too.
"Reset": This building would reset a target Province to it's original state.
"Teleporter": This building would teleport a Unit to a target location. It was low priority as the Scout already fit this role and was cut due to time constraints.
"Tide Changer": This building and everything to do with the "Tide" System was scrapped due to time constraints.
"Drain": This building would drain a target province of it's flood level. It was low priority as the Druid already fit this role and was cut due to time constraints.

The Mana Generator was intended to have a number of animations and a floating icon to indicate it's count; these files are actually in the game but never implemented.

A TON of events were nixed due to time constraints.

"Cracking Foundation": This would flood all Provinces near the Fault. Cut due to the lack of Fault.
"Fissure": This would flood all provinces in a straight line from the Fault, North-South/East-West. Cut due to lack of Fault.
"Leaking Pipes": "This would hit the Fault and the Closest building to it. It would then add 2 Mana to the Province that was hit. Cut due to lack of Fault.
"Oh, Frack": Target Building becomes a Fault. Cut due to lack of fault.
"Stormfront": The Tide is Randomly Set (North, South, East, West). Flood 1 Random Province. This was cut due to the lack of Tides.
"Dash on the Rocks": Flood 3 Random Province along the "Tide Coast". Cut due to lack of Tides.
"Great Wave": Flood Every Province along the "Tide Coast". Cut due to lack of Tides.
"Mana Wind": Remove All Mana from the Board. Randomly Re-distribute it to the Board. Flood 1 Random Province. This was cut due to a bug it introduced in the Mana Spawning algorithms but exists in the code.
"Unstable World": Swap a random unlit tower with a Random non-tower, and Flood 1 Province
"Parched Earth": Flood all Provinces without Mana. This was cut due to a bug it introduced in the Events System.

"Atlantean Interference"
: Player Loses up to 3 Mana. Unflood 1 Province by 1 Level. Flood a different Random Province. This actually exists in the code but was cut at the last minute due to some unpredictable behaviors it introduced.

ATLANTIS community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Suggestions for the game can be posted here. There's a LOT of stuff we want to put into the game if there's a demand for us to finish it, and we'd love to hear your ideas!
We have ~8 Buildings, ~20 Event Cards to add Variety, and possibly some new character types you can choose at the beginning to create a unique party every playthru.

ATLANTIS community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Post any and all bugs you find here please!
Information that is helpful: What actions did you take, or occured, at the time of the bug? IE: Did you interact with a building and something bad happened? If so, what building? Were there any visual effects that occured with the bug?

ATLANTIS community · Created a new topic Patch Notes
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4/25/17 @ 9:56am:
Fixed an uncaught exception when lighting a tower in the WebGL Build caused by the audio, that stopped the game from progressing and sometimes crashed the browser.

4/26/17 @ 7:28pm:
Fixed a NullReferenceException with the context menu that could result in an unplayable game state. (Soft Lock).
Fixed a bug with the SoundLayers that resulted in WebGL crashing for some users when it attempted to play music. (Hard Crash)
Fixed a IndexOutofRangeException that resulted in the AP display not working and could result in the game becoming unplayable. (Soft Lock).
Removed Unused Files from the Game to make the download size better.
Fixed a NullReferenceException edge case where the user could become stuck in the Scout's teleport, resulting in the game becoming unplayable. (Soft Lock)
Fixed an issue where the Ship could spawn in an unreachable location, resulting in the game becoming unplayable. (Soft Lock)

4/27/17 @ 12:25am:
Fixed an issue where resizing the game would result in the GUI freezing, putting the game in an unplayable state. (Soft Lock)

5/10/2017 @ 5:41pm: "Ancient Technology" Version
Fixed the Camera Lag where Events would play and the camera wouldn't be focused on them.
Lowered the Volume of the "Sinking" Sound effect.
Fixed an issue where the Druid would not Pathfind properly when trying to navigate water tiles.
Fixed an issue where activating the fourth tower would not always call the Ship.
Fixed a Major Pathfinding Bug where characters would walk thru water at inappropriate times.
Added a new Menu to replace the functions of the Context Menu.
Fixed an issue where the AP Counter would not update after a unit interacted or used an ability.
Units now have a killer Teleport Animation
Units now have an animation for Ability Usage and Interaction.
Context Menu has been retired.
New On-Screen Ability Menu has been added.
Extensive Tooltips have been added.
Fixed a bug where using the Druid ability on the same province as a Tower would lower the tower to sinking level.
Added a Pause Menu with Control Scheme Reminders.
Fixed an issue where the Province Outline was erroneously activated upon game start.
Fixed an issue where activating a Tower on a unit's last Action Point would occasionally lead to an Unusable Game State (Soft Lock), or not properly activating the endgame.

5/15/2017 @ 8:28pm: "Rising Tides" Version
Added the "Fault" building. It exists only to bring the player woe and does not
Added a new Event Card: "Fissure", it fractures the island in a line North-South or East-West

Added a new Event Card: "Cracking Foundation", it sinks all provinces around a Fault.
Implemented the Tides System Backend.
Added a new Event Card: "Stormfront", it changes the Tide Direction, and Sinks a Random Province 1 level. This is the first of our Tidal Cards.
Added a new Event Card: "Great Wave", it hits every province in the tidal direction. This is a very bad card.
Fixed a Bug where an Erroneous Event Card that was not meant to be included could end in a Soft Lock.
Added a new Event Card: "Child's Cry": It teleports a random hero back to the Cradle, and spawns 2 Mana there, while also sinking 1 Province.
Added a new Event Card: "Last Moment". It hits all Unlit Towers, and the Cradle.
Fixed a problem with the Move and Remote Ability Use Tiles that sometimes resulted in clicks not being registered
Added a new Event Card: "Oh Frack!": It converts a building into a Fault, and hits two adjacent provinces.
Added a new Event Card: "Leaking Pipes": It Sinks the Province a Fault is on by 1 Level, Sinks the nearest building to it by 1 level, and spawns up to 2 mana on the same province as the fault.
Added a new Event Card: "Mana Wind": It sinks a single province, and redistributes all mana on the island.
Added a new Event Card: "Atlantean Interference", it sinks a province, raises a province, and removes up to 3 Mana from the player's mana pool.
Tremor now no longer takes 10 Seconds to Resolve. It has been significantly sped up as per your many requests.
Added a new Event Card: "The Bow Breaks", it sinks all provinces that have been flooded 3 times.
Added a new Event Card: "Parched Earth", it sinks all provinces that have no Mana on any tile in them. Super brutal.
Added a New Event Card: "Unstable World", it swaps the locations of an Unlit Tower, and a Random Building, and sinks a single province.
Added a new Building, the first of our Second Generation Buildings. The Tidal Generator allows you to change the direction of the Tides.
Added a new Building, the Remodeler: It allows you to swap the locations of two buildings. It can only be used once.
Added a new Building, the Teleporter: It allows you to teleport a Unit anywhere on the map to any unflooded, unoccupied tile for 1 Mana.
Added a new Building, the Temporal Generator, it resets a province to its original flood level and restores any building uses it may have had.
Added the last new Building, the Floodgates. It raises a target province by one flood level.
New Event Structure: There are only a certain number of cards in the Event Deck of each type, as if a deck of cards. When a card is drawn, that specific card will not be drawn again, though there may be copies in the deck. When the deck is drawn to 0 the game will end.
New Lose Condition: The Deck Empties.
The Wizard's ability has been changed to fit the original design document: It may now remotely activate buildings from Afar.
Fixed the Issue where the Action button would become frustratingly difficult to click.
Units may not transfer the Zion back and forth at a cost of 1AP. They may also place it back into the Citadel.
Fixed a bug where certain event cards would cause the game state to halt (Soft Lock).
Fixed a bug where certain events would crash the game. (Hard Crash).
Druids may now use their ability in flooded tiles.
Certain buildings are now more functional when on flooded tiles.
Fixed an issue with the Sound Layers not being correct: The appropriate music now phases in when appropriate.

5/16/2017 @ 6:43am
Fixed a Game Breaking Bug caused by Unity Analytics that stopped the game map from Loading.

To Anyone Commenting About the Map Size Issue: This is a problem with WebGL. There's a number of WebGL specific bugs I havn't tracked down yet.