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Usage Rights?

A topic by IAmWheezus created 9 days ago Views: 22 Replies: 2
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Hey i was wondering if you have the usage rights listed anywhere? Everywhere i've looked, you have said you can use it for commercial or personal projects, but im trying to find out if im allowed to use it for branding purposes? In general i just ask as i don't want to recommend the software to someone who might use it for those purposes and get them in trouble XD.

Also thanks for all your hard work on the software im absoultely in love with the software.


Yeah, we haven't added those terms in the license information which is viewable with the app. We might add it later to avoid confusion, but if you read the EULA in the 'About' screen, basically the one that is protected is the app itself (no reselling, recompilation, etc). There's no terms of limitation regarding what can you do with the output of the app, whether is for personal or commercial purposes.

Okay, cool!