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Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox

A toy ecosystem with fully simulated genetics and evolution. · By Pill Bug Interactive

how do i get the steam release

A topic by davydg15 created May 14, 2017 Views: 809 Replies: 5
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i have played this game on itch but i can't play it anymore and the description says getting this game on itch will get you a key for steam


You can only get a steam key if you bought it on itch or claimed an itch key and linked it to your account.

Where do I click for the Steam key?


Follow the instructions I sent in the e-mail

I also need the link to claim a Steam Key.
Could you send the link to me as well?
Thanks in advance! :)


I received an email on September 29 saying "Activate your steam key", but I can't find it anywhere. Could you help me?