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Direct Pathing Issues

A topic by Za1batsu created May 16, 2020 Views: 79 Replies: 3
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I've been looking for a Tool/System to help on my VN game without reinventing the wheel and so far this seems to fit.
But there's definitely not enough documentation for this, very lacking in fact. I certainly appreciate the effort in making this (and willing to pay) but I'm spending more time figuring out the errors and required changes to fit project and less time actually developing.

The largest source of problems is with the many direct path code for getting objects/nodes. Only a few of these are mentioned and had to alter the original code constantly to make it work. Which I'm always hesitant on as I don't want to accidentally break it all. 

If possible, please remove as much of the direct pathing. Or at least clearly define each one of them in the documentation. 


Don't worry, a new version is coming out soon. Redesigned, simpler, easier to use. It will be free for those who already got this version.

Didn't think I'd get a reply, most of the project I've been interested in are either abandoned or so sparce with updates they might as well be.
I hope I didn't get too negative before, I really do appreciate what you made but I still stand by what I brought up. Glad to hear a new version is coming out soon.

Any expected release date? Not to push, just wanted to know the time frame so I can develop other game elements while waiting on this. Your project seem to be the best candidate to handle the dialogue elements of my game. 


This week, I hope.