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[2D ART] We are looking for a 2D artist

A topic by Salom Bros created May 14, 2020 Views: 143
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Hi, community! We are looking for a 2D artist! Help us spread the word!


We are looking for a 2D artist with a big passion for the creation of art and videogames with great experience and a positive attitude to work remotely. If you think you have what it’s needed, apply and become a part of the Salom Bros. Studio, and help us develop our IP: 

EGO Pollution Madness. 



-To be able to develop an idea from a conceptual/initial stage into a final art product. 

-To be capable to emulate/recreate different art styles that can blend with the characters and -backgrounds already established. (Knowledge of Model Sheet and Color Scripts).

-Ability to create 2D illustrations with dynamic and fluid poses. (Excellent use of Action Lines).

-Create 2D animations frame by frame.

-Ability to create Clean Up vectorial over previously drafted illustrations.

-Knowledge of different Softwares that enables the creation of vectorial images. (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or similar software).

-Knowledge of different Softwares that enables exporting animations in a sequence of images. (Krita, ToonBoom, or similar software).


-Having worked previously on videogame art development.

-Knowledge of human, animal, and plant anatomy.

-Knowledge of architectural design. 

-Spanish knowledge (Speaking/Writing).


We invited you to apply and/or share this post with anyone you think could be an excellent candidate for this position at Salom Bros.

Please send your CV, Portfolio and Cover Letter using the subject “2D Artist” to:

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